List of 10 Famous & Best Eye Care Hospitals in India

India is one of the largest populations containing vision impaired and blind individuals across the world. Geographically widespread around 15 million people need eye care services. Most of them are from rural areas. Concerned to that, India has made far development in establishing optometry institutions, optical outlets and eye hospitals across the country. In this content, we are going to point out the best eye hospitals in India.

One of the most essential organs of our body- the eye is a very sensitive and delicate organ. It needs proper and good care. Anything that is a threat to our eyes, whether minor allergies or serious issue; shouldn’t be remaining unseen or untreated. The medicine sector that provides eye treatment is called ophthalmology. And the eye specialist doctors are named as ophthalmologists. Survey shows that there are about 800 retail Optical chain outlets, 164 optometry institutes and 1312 eye care hospitals in all around India. You’ll get many advanced level eye care hospitals in our country.

Eye Care Hospitals in India

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Top 10 best eye hospitals in India

With a varied distribution pattern, eye hospitals in India are set up as individual private clinic or part of a chain or subspecialty. According to research, our country has got about 1280 eye care hospitals. Among which, we'll now point out the top 10 best eye hospitals in India in the following-

1.Shroff Eye Hospital, Mumbai

With vast experience of almost 99 years, Shroff Eye hospital has been serving in our country with the latest technology. They provide treatment for cataracts, vitreoretinal, corneal, glaucoma problems etc. This hospital owns two branches at Bandra and Merine Drive in Mumbai. Its India’s very first eye care hospital recognized as the Joint Commission International that established for excellence in eye treatment in 1919. Cancer of the eye or Ocular oncology of the eye is also taken cared at this hospital. Yearly, an average of 75,000 patients both from India and outside India get treated here. And, each year they carry out more than 4000 surgeries. This hospital consists of well-trained and skilled team of eye specialists and confederated staffs who provide the best eye treatment in the country.

2.Dr R.P.Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS

Dr R.P.(Rajendra Prasad) Centre of Ophthalmic Sciences is named after our first President of India- Dr Rajendra Prasad. Established in 1967, this National eye care centre provides updated care and elaborates on human resources by the cause of medical education. Moreover, they go through research to find eye health problems' solution. Their other services include- Out and inpatients, emergency service, clinical laboratories, national eye bank, daycare surgery, ophthalmology community and others.

3.L.V. Prasad Eye Hospital

Established in 1987, L.V. Prasad Eye hospital has served more than 28.48 million people. And, in this long journey, 50% of their services were provided free of cost in different complexity. This WHO (World Health Organization) collaborating centre works focusing on the prevention of blindness in India. This eye institute has 10 active operations areas- Education, Clinical services, Vision rehabilitation, research, Rural as well as community eye health, Advocacy and policy planning, Eye banking, and Capacity innovating, building and product development. With 32 years of preeminence in the field of eye care, at present, they have 209 of centres across India. This best eye care hospital has a proud history of giving training to 22,033 eye care professionals, 2634 publications, 5 patents field, 48 PhDs awarded, 1.53 million successful surgeries, 52, 426 Corneas harvested, and 14.71 million outpatients treating. L.V. Prasad eye hospital has reached to 10,232 villages and 3.93 million children. Moreover, they have accomplished rehabilitation of 0.18 million people.

4.Sankar Netralaya

SN or Sankar Nethralaya is a non-profit missionary eye care hospital in Chennai, India. They receive patients from all over India as well as from foreign countries. A former Indian Ambassador to the USA, Nani A. Palkivala commented about Sankar Nethralaya as one of the best disciplined charitable institutes in India. This hospital consists of 1000 employees who serve about 1200 patients and perform 100 surgeries every day.

5.Center For Sight

Dr Mahipal Sachdev established this hospital in 1996. To change the image and standard of eye care service in the country, this hospital has been guided through patient fundamental values of precision, efficiency, integrity and compassion. They have achieved Padmashree awardee with the proficient ophthalmologist. Moreover, as a result of giving the effort to provide super speciality eye care in India, Centre for Sight was also awarded by the honoured Frost & Sullivian award. They provide ReLEx smile, Cataract, Lasik, Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina & Uvea, Keratoconus, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Pediatric- Ophthalmology, Eye bank, Ocular Oncology and other services.

6.Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

Founded by Late Dr J. Agarwal in 1957, this hospital is one of the best eye care clinic in India. It has been gradually recognized as the premier centre for eye care and treatment not only in India but also across the world. Doctors from different countries get attracted to this hospital to enhance their learning from the experienced team of doctors of here. Several latest inventions such as PDEK and Glued IOL have created from this institution.

7.Aravind Eye Hospital

Established by Dr Govindappa Venkataswamy in 1976, this ophthalmological hospital has several branches all over India. From then, this hospital has grown into a large network regarding eye hospitals. N this 36 years, it has been seen around 32 million patients d eye and 4 million successfully performed eye surgeries.

8.Amrita Hospitals

Amrita hospital is one of the premier healthcare providers in South Asia. This hospital consists of the latest technologically equipped Ophthalmology and Vitreoretinal surgery department. They are committed to providing quality care at an affordable price. With the high-qualified medical professionals, they provide high standard medical treatment in India.

9.Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre

Established in 1998, this foundation provides all eye disease treatment. Under different sub-specialities throughout specialized clinics, they ensure world-class eye treatment to the patients. They hold camp of eye checkup for adult people in both rural and urban sectors at free of cost. Their Vanmukta ey bank is well-known as one of the largest suppliers of sight-restoring corneas among eastern India. With state of the art infrastructure and high-qualified medical professionals, Susrut believes in innovation, best service and utmost care.

10.Rotary Eye Hospital

Established in 1977, by Rotary Club of Navsari, the Smt. Lilavati Mohanlal Shah (Bilimorawala) eye hospital is mostly known as Rotary Eye Institute. It is considered as one of the best eye care provider in India. This hospital started its journey to serve to the poor as well as low- income families inhabitant in the south of Gujrat and tribal of bordered areas of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Things to consider

While searching for the best eye hospital in India, keep certain things into consideration. Experienced and highly skilled ophthalmologists, modern and sophisticated clinical environment, facilities and amenities- all these points help you to select an appropriate eye care centre. You should not compromise with well-quality treatment at a low cost. Whatever hospital you do choose, check out the success rate of it. And, also check out reviews from their websites. The provided facilities and amenities of eye hospitals are equally important points to consider. Another important thing is how advanced technology and updated surgical equipment the eye hospitals use. As your eyes are so essential, you cannot ignore its best course treatment.

Eye enables you to see the unseen and also to dream of an unseen future. It’s your right to have proper eye care. From this article, you can choose any of our listed famous and trusted best eye hospital in India.