Top 10 best hair transplant destination in India

For the bald or thin-hair male or female hair transplant is great news. To address the hair loss problem, you must have applied different over-the-counter restoration methods. But hair transplant is more successful compared to other over-the-counter products. This surgical procedure of hair transplant brings out a permanent outcome to your look. Nowadays, India has become a trusted destination for hair transplant surgeries. Here, we bring to you the best hair transplant in India that offers cost-effective hair growing treatment..

Did you know that approximately 60% of men and 50% of women worldwide go from hair loss experience? Hair transplant method is all about adding hair on the thinning place of your head by collecting hair from your scalp’s thicker part or other places of your body. This method includes advanced procedures such as strip method (FUT) follicular method (FUE). The history says that Japan performed the very first hair transplant in 1939. And on today's date all over in India, you will find hair transplant centres that are equipped with the latest technology and equipment serving different categories of clients. Here we’ve enlisted the most advanced hair transplant clinics from different cities-

best hair transplant destination in India

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Top 10 best hair transplant destinations in India

We solely understand how important hair transplant result is for you. Our following named hair transplant centres in India offers you the latest- technique designed services with qualified and specialized surgeons with international fame. Let’s go through it-

1.AKESO Hair Transplant

Founded by the best Surgeon Dr Akhilesh Jangid and customized with a great deal, AKESO is one of the best hair transplants in Delhi, India. Being awarded by “Global Excellence Awards” on 2018 as “best hair transplant Doctor” in Delhi, Dr Akhilesh has modified the procedure of hair treatment to provide more improved hair transplant service in this clinic. AKESO maintains international level by applying the latest techniques which need no hospitalization, no bed rest, no stitches, or not even long scars. They take total responsibility for your hair treatment and provides "free of cost repair" policy if transplanted hair doesn't develop. Without any side effect or requirement of taking medications for a long period, they provide competitively affordable hair transplant in India.

2. Advanced Hair Studio, India

With a powerful reputation of several years, Advanced Hair Studio, India is there to provide you with the best hair retention, hair restoration, and any type of hair loss treatment. With all the latest, patented and unique techniques, they have launched brunches in different cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Ludhiana, Gurgaon, Pune, and Hyderabad.

3. Reviva Clinic

Reviva is the most eminent hair transplant clinic in India. It is the most sought after name in the sector of FUE hair transplant providing the ultimate effective and advanced technique in our country. Established in 2008 by one of the high-quality FUE hair transplant artist Pradeep Sohi, it has a proud history of serving more than ten thousand satisfied clients across the world. With the most talented and experienced surgeons, state of the art infrastructure, great team of staffs; Reviva clinic has been serving to India with excellence in hair transplant sector.

4. Areeva Hair Transplant Centre

Areeva is one of the leading hair transplant centre in Navi Mumbai. During your first visit, they would guide you with the appropriate consultation and right treatment plan. With excellent service and personalized successful treatment procedure, they ensure the best result to their patients. Through effective and safest treatments in the state of art clinical environment, Areeva helps you to improve your natural features and reach the look that you’ve always desired for.

5. Kalosa Hair Transplant

Founded by Dr Ashish Khare, Kalosa has been one of the best hair transplant centres in Gurgaon with happy reviews proudly received from more than a thousand clients. With a team of highly expert hair transplant surgeons, they apply the latest techniques and technologies such as FUT, FUE, and direct hair transplant based on the level of baldness. They are always concerned about maintaining a standard hygiene level in the clinical environment and also during any surgery. All patients in this clinic are treated equally with the utmost care. They provide you with scar-free minimal downtime natural-looking results. Also, Kalosa provides special services to its international clients.

6. Dermasculpt Hair Transplant

Dermasculpt Hair Transplant clinic brings to you committed, advanced and updated treatment procedures along with a foundation of highly skilled doctors. Every patient comes here to get individual attention sitting in a friendly atmosphere by an efficient team of doctors led by Dr Devakar. This advanced centre for hair transplant offers you world-class safe and excellent hair treatment.

7. Hair Science Hair Transplant Center

Hair Science is India’s first certificated Artas Robotic hair transplant centre. Without any pain, plug and stitches, they offer you world's most advanced robotic surgery machine which is approved by US-FDA, assisted by physician and gives natural-looking permanent results. Every procedure of this dedicated clinic is performed smoothly and pain-free according to international level. With the vision of creating and supporting a most scientific and ethical platform that ensures best hair transplant, Hair Science has launched several branches in Mumbai, Kolhapur, Chennai, and Pune. They highly recommend only MS plastic and MD Dermatologist to do hair transplant procedures.

8. Delight Clinic

Delight is a fully equipped clinic offering complete and comprehensive hair transplant service that suits your personality. Backed by several years of experience, enriched with advanced treatment capability, provided with a friendly atmosphere; they bring a smile to thousands of clients. Satisfaction, assurance, fascination and elegant- these four are their pillars behind the success of this highly recommended clinic. They provide a different range of hair transplant service including Bio-stimulated FUE, Bio-stimulated FUT, Body hair transplant and Post hair transplant care. Being located at the most accessible area in Gurgaon, it has been serving towards people with great excellence and sincerity.

9. Saraswat Hospital

The Saraswat hospital is an ethical, safe and renowned hair transplantation clinic in India. As being one of the best clinics in Agra for hair transplant, this hospital has all that latest and advanced equipment required to perform the best hair transplant in all over India. New and latest trends are updated in this clinic, by the reputed doctors of Saraswat hospital- Dr Satya Saraswat, and Dr Preeti Saraswat. Their trained nursing staffs, personalized and comfortable care, deep consultation process, and understanding the need of patients- make this hospital as the affordable and the best hair transplant in India.

10. Neograft Hair Clinic

clinic has achieved 5th place in the ranking of top-class hair clinic in India. This is the most trusted name all over the world based on their services, results and aftercare. This best hair transplant clinic consists of a dedicated and hard-working team of technicians who have been trained personally by Dr Nav Vikram. And their personally motivated and rigorously trained staffs make it possible to provide consistent service for years.

Hair transplant cost in India

Research shows that hair transplant cost in India is apropos 20-25 percent of the hair transplant price in any western countries like America or Europe. That means, where the hair transplant surgeries in Europe or USA costs per graft $4 to 9$ in an average, in India the same procedure may cost per graft within $1 and $1.5. In our country, the range for hair transplants per session varies from $4,000 to $15,000 However, hair transplant costing depends on the expanse of the hair transplant procedure, the availableness of doctors in your living area, experience and skill of the surgeon and most importantly chosen surgical technique.

Tips just for you

However, hair transplant cannot be successful with those with baldness, widespread thinning, and hair loss caused by chemotherapy or any other medical treatments, or thick scalp due to injuries. Usually, 10% to 80% of transplanted hair grows back within 3 to 4 months. And grow thinner over time as like regular hair. Before starting the procedure of hair transplant, the surgeon disinfects the area and following to that numbs it applying local anaesthetic where the hair will be replaced. Also, you can ask for sedation so that you stay asleep during the surgery.

Since hair loss at a young age is very devastating compared to an older age. The day of getting demoralized by making fun and taunting by your friends are over now. The best hair transplant in India allows you to do the makeover of yourself with the advanced and trusted hair transplant